Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a new mom. 

Here is my story and how Nap Sack came about.

Exactly 10 years ago, I met the guy who was going to become my husband. Mind you, I didn’t like him from the jump - but we were forced to work closely together on the set of a movie. He was the lead actor and I was in the wardrobe department - so I was stuck dressing and styling him everyday.  Though he started off as high maintenance (but we don’t need to tell him that), he quickly won me over with his charm and charisma which then led to the beginning to our love story.  Having spent countless hours dressing him, I knew then I could literally dress anyone. And since that moment in time, I have spent the last ten years in different facets of the fashion industry, with roles on both sides of the equation from wardrobe styling, to photography, and the booking of high-end models for fashion campaigns.

In early 2018, my now husband and I found out we were blessed with our first child, Shiloh. While on the hunt for things that were well-designed, great quality, and comfortable, I was running into one problem - finding baby items that were in my budget. And just like that, I decided to take a chance and create Nap Sack. 

Nap Sack is a carefully curated baby boutique with easy to wear children’s apparel and accessories - sourced from across the globe. Our shop features items that stay within beautiful color palettes and fun, eye-catching print patterns for your aspiring fashionista.  Inspired by my first child, I wanted to create a one stop shop for the overtired, overworked, & budget friendly mom that appreciates modern baby clothing and accessories.

I hope you enjoy my store - every single item was hand selected by me with the greatest intent of sharing our little “story".

Jennifer Jeffery
owner of NAP SACK - baby boutique